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Thu, 29 September to Thu, 06 October
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Tue, 27 September to Tue, 11 October
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As a private corporation under public law, the Architects’ Association of Catalonia independently draws up and approves the Articles of Association and regulations for the internal organization and operations that affect all its members. Similarly, the agreements of its governing bodies have a regulatory nature and can affect the Association’s members as well as their professional practices within the sphere of the COAC. For this reason, and in the interests of the principles of transparency and good governance—by which all public and private institutions should provide information—this section contains the documents relating to the regulatory activities of the Architects’ Association of Catalonia which may be important to or have an effect on relations between the Association and its members, between the members and the consumers and users of their professional services, and the practice of the profession of architect within the auspices of the COAC.
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