• cartell manifestació

    The COAC against climate change: We join the sector's...

    The Architects’ Association has added its signature to the climate and environment emergency declaration of the 2030 Observatory of the CSCAE on the occasion of the Climate Summit (COP25). With its allegiance to the declaration, the COAC pledges to establish and strengthen the necessary measures within its sphere of action to help slow down the global warming of the planet.


  • Tallers de Kapla a plaça Nova

    Christmas at the COAC: Activity programme

    Once again this year, the Architects’ Association of Catalonia is opening its doors during the festive season and organising a series of activities to bring architecture closer to the general public, especially children. The Christmas activities will kick off on 21 December with the Christmas Carols Workshop. This fun activity is coordinated by the Choir of Catalan Architects!


  • Mapa interactiu de l'arquitectura catalana

    The COAC launches arquitectura catalana.cat, the digital...

    The COAC is launching arquitecturacatalana.cat, the digital archive of modern and contemporary Catalan architecture. The aim is to make Catalan architectural heritage more accessible to both architects and the general public.


  • Alumnes. A la Setmana d'Arquitectura.

    2nd edition of 'Architecture in the Classrooms'. Our...

    For the fourth year running, the Architects’ Association—in conjunction with Barcelona City Council, the Mies van der Rohe Foundation, Construmat and ARQUIN-FAD—are organizing Architecture Week, which will take place between 7 and 17 May 2020.


  • Col·legi d'Arquitectes de Catalunya (COAC)

    The COAC hosts the General Assembly of the Architects’ Council...

    On 22 November, the Architects’ Council of Europe (ACE) will be holding its General Assembly at the COAC’s headquarters in Plaça Nova. The 43 organisations that form part of the Council, including the CSCAE (the Higher Council of Architects’ Associations of Spain), will all be participating.


  • Exposició al COAC.

    The Association presents the 2019 COAC Medals to 48H Open...

    The Governing Board of the Architects’ Association of Catalonia has decided to award the 2019 COAC Medals to 48H Open House and the Jordi Capell Architects’ Cooperative. With this distinction, the COAC recognises the work undertaken by both entities in sharing information on architectural heritage, architects and architecture. 


  • Altell del Coac.

    Peris+Toral Arquitectes are set to transform the public areas...

    The competition to transform the public areas of the Plaça Nova headquarters into the Open Architecture Centre of Barcelona, convened last May, now has a winner: the AGORA project by Peris+Toral Arquitectes, namely Marta Peris and José Manuel Toral. 


  • Foto, Pere castelltort, Ana Prados, Felip Neri Gordi i Lluís Dalmau

    The Postgraduate Degree in Facility Management at the Sert...

    The postgraduate degree in Facility Management at the Sert School, given by architects and facility managers Felip Neri Gordi and Lluís Dalmau, has won the Extraordinary Jury Prize given annually by Facility Management & Services magazine, Spain's point of reference in facility management.The award recognises the school’s achievements in teachin


  • Let’s celebrate together!

    On 7 October, from 7 pm, coinciding with World Architecture Day, we will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of our Historical Archive with a party where we will open a large-format exhibition to commemorate this red-letter day.