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The COAC Network of International Correspondents

If you are an architect and thinking of moving abroad, the COAC can help you. We have built a network of architects who are already working and living abroad, with more than 31 correspondents in 25 different countries around the world. These correspondents act on behalf of the COAC as a link between architects coming from Catalonia and professional associations in the hosting country.

The correspondents network aims to enhance the oportunities to work abroad in the most qualified way, by exchanging mutual support and information. At the same time, links with Catalonia and the architects who work here are preserved. To view the list and contact details of the COAC correspondents, you will need to login. 

How to become a COAC correspondent

The correspondent position, which is held voluntarily with no remuneration, will last initially for a year, during which the COAC shall offer the correspondent the necessary administrative and managing support. 

Conditions to apply:
-You have to be a member of the COAC in any of the available membership options.
-You must be practicing the profession and must have lived in the same country where you want to be a correspondent for at least one year.
-You should be willing to keep in touch with professional institutions and associations and act as a link between them and the COAC architects who need it.

How to apply:
You should email your application form to internacional@coac.cat,  with "CORRESPONSALS-INTERNACIONAL" as subject,  attaching a PDF file containing the documents specified in the terms of the call.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at internacional@coac.cat
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