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Let’s celebrate together!

© Col·legi d'Arquitectes de Catalunya (COAC)

On 7 October, from 7 pm, coinciding with World Architecture Day, we will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of our Historical Archive with a party where we will open a large-format exhibition to commemorate this red-letter day.

Presenter Oscar Dalmau, a regular user of the Archive, will lead the event, which will look back over its origins, evolution and future challenges, alongside other presentations that will be given by several different institutions. We are also inviting the families who, having donating their collections, have played a decisive role in helping the Archive to grow.

Come along to the party!

50 years in 130 drawings on display
On the same day we will be inaugurating '50 Years of the Historical Archive' , a large-format exhibition that can be visited in the Mezzanine and Espai Picasso at the COAC headquarters in Barcelona, offering a unique opportunity to view some of the most iconic pieces in the Archive’s collection. To give people a greater insight into these pieces, we are organising guided tours for which prior registration will be necessary.

National Culture Award
The celebration also coincides with the National Culture Award granted to the COAC in 2019. The award was given by the National Council for Culture and the Arts (CoNCA) in recognition of the COAC’s role in upholding our architectural and heritage values across Catalonia and, more specifically, for the work carried out by the Archive, which has now become a key documentation centre for architects and historians that “celebrates Catalan architecture".

A benchmark centre for studying Catalan architecture
Since 1969, the Archive has been responsible for recovering the documentary heritage generated by architects and the world of architecture. It safeguards the collections of more than 150 architects from across Catalonia, resulting mainly from donations, which have helped develop Archive over the years and made it one of Europe's most important documentation centres, with more than 2,000,000 documents – including plans, maps, sketches, drawings, publications, photographs, correspondence and audiovisual files. It has become a point of reference for researchers and a repository for our members.

#ArxiuCOAC50 on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook
From 7 September to 7 October, our Instagram account @coacarxiu, using the hashtag #ArxiuCOAC50, will be paying homage to the most significant collections in the Historical Archive by posting some of the drawings in the exhibition.

On Twitter and Facebook, the sections #JuevesdeArquitectura (Architecture Thursday) and #LecturesRecomanades (Recommended reading) are also joining the celebrations with some specific threads on Modernism, Noucentisme, GATCPAC and Grup R through our collections.

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