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The COAC joins the campaign to help build the SJD Pediatric Cancer Center in Barcelona

© Hospital Sant Joan de Deu
The Architects’ Association of Catalonia is supporting the campaign #Paralosvalientes, promoted by Hospital Sant Joan de Deu, which calls upon any architects who wish to make an anonymous donation to support the construction of SJD Pediatric Cancer Center Barcelona.

Hospital Sant Joan de Deu is currently facing the challenge of building the SJD Pediatric Cancer Center Barcelona, and to do so has started a campaign to raise funds. In just one year, this campaign has managed to accrue 28 of the 30 million euros needed for the project. The COAC has joined the campaign and is encouraging architects to make anonymous donations to help make the creation of this medical centre a reality.

The COAC’s support of the campaign was explained at the conference 'Architecture at the service of children. Architectural innovation at Sant Joan de Deu', where the speakers talked about the importance of collaboration between architects and managers to create new and more generous spaces designed for the people who have to inhabit them.

Let’s get involved!