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The COAC against climate change: We join the sector's declaration

© Pixabay

The Architects’ Association has added its signature to the climate and environment emergency declaration of the 2030 Observatory of the CSCAE on the occasion of the Climate Summit (COP25). With its allegiance to the declaration, the COAC pledges to establish and strengthen the necessary measures within its sphere of action to help slow down the global warming of the planet.

The initiative of this declaration is intended to raise further awareness of the construction industry in particular, and society in general, about the need to adapt our built environment, especially when you remember that buildings and construction are currently responsible for 40% of all CO2 emissions.

Therefore, a paradigm shift is essential to help us to reverse this situation, and architects, as professionals committed to responding to the current demands of society, have the knowledge and techniques necessary to instigate this transformation.

The declaration demonstrates the sector’s support for speeding up the transformation of towns and cities, hence making our environment a fairer, more sustainable and resilient place, as enjoined by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN’s 2030 Agenda.

Read the pledges made with the Declaration of the Construction Sector on the climate emergency

To date, more than 400 individuals and entities have signed up. The procedure is simple: just enter your name and surname/s, name of the company or organisation, and an email address.

We need to act now to resolve the climate emergency
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