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Open call for the 11th AJAC Awards

© Col·legi d'Arquitectes de Catalunya (COAC)
The AJAC Awards were created in 1996 by the Young Architects Association of Catalonia (AJAC) with the purpose of showing the high potential and quality of work by young architects, as well as providing these emerging professionals with a good spread of their work.

The Awards are held biennially, alternating the official announcement with a second year in which the Association is dedicated to disseminating the winners by publishing a book containing all the winning projects and a traveling exhibition accompanied by multiple lectures, where each winner has the opportunity to present their work in order to generate a debate.

This year the AJAC Awards reach their eleventh edition, after 22 years of history behind it. As a group, we feel very proud to see how, year after year, we have achieved the goal of acting as a launching pad for new talent who have had the opportunity to advance their careers and, years later, have become professionals of reference.

The deadline is March 19th, at 1pm.

Download the competition rules here.

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