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The Dean of the COAC, Lluís Comerón, appointed as new president of the CSCAE

© Col·legi d'Arquitectes de Catalunya (COAC)
The Dean of the Architects’ Association of Catalonia (COAC), Lluís Comerón, was appointed on Thursday, 16 November, as the new president of the Higher Council of Architects’ Associations of Spain (CSCAE). The dean takes over for Jordi Ludevid Anglada, who was dean of the COAC between 2006 and 2010. Lluís Comerón will assume his new position in January 2018 with a four-year mandate.

The new president will uphold the CSCAE’s model, which promotes collaboration between the various associations with a joint project for architects and architecture that is capable of leading the current transformations and improving the social recognition of the profession and the professional conditions of architects.

Most notable are its proposals to highlight the value of architecture, such as the Law on Architecture and the Agreement on Urban Renewal, and to improve the professional conditions, competitiveness and diversification of architects as well as their opportunities for ongoing training and specialization.

The president-elect will drive instruments to support the international presence and activities of the collective; promote and monitor the correct application of the new Law on contracts; and encourage closer bonds between association members and their associations, especially young and recently-qualified architects.

Apart from Lluís Comerón, three other candidates presented themselves at the CSCAE elections: Antonio García Herrero, Joaquín Mañoso and Fernando Nasarre y de Goicoechea.