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2015 Local Elections: Building Better Towns

© Col·legi d'Arquitectes de Catalunya (COAC)
Catalan municipalities, immersed in a process of major transformation and within a crisis that has strongly affected its inhabitants, face needs and opportunities of unknown intensity in the field of urban regeneration.

The COAC makes available to all political forces a set of proposals and initiatives which, under the name BUILDING BETTER TOWNS, are willing to help improve the quality of life of people by encouraging political parties to incorporate them into their government projects for the next municipal elections.

We also call on all political forces for a broad and steady consensus on those strategic issues where urban transformation is key to the future of citizenship, as we believe that cities and towns will remain a key element in improving our living conditions and those of future generations.

View the document Building Better Towns.

In this context, the COAC is organizing a series of debates and meetings with political representatives, in order to know their view on the future of architecture and urbanism in Catalonia.