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COAC Grants for Local and International Cooperation 2015

© Llar d’infants Laafi, Burkina Faso. Albert Faus Madrid . Projecte seleccionat a la 1a Mostra d'Arquitectura Internacional.

With the aim of enhancing the social commitment of architecture, COAC announces the 4th edition of the COAC grants for local and international development projects related to architecture and urban planning. These awards reflect the COAC's commitment to devote 0.7% of its yearly budget to cooperation.

Associations, charities, foundations and other nonprofit organizations working in the field of development cooperation and having architects among their collaborators are eligible for the COAC grants.

This call includes two main areas of funding: international development cooperation and local development cooperation.

There are five types of grants in both areas:
a) Construction or restoration of housing buildings
b) Construction or restoration of community facilities
c) Construction or restoration of infrastructures
d) Construction or restoration of public spaces
e) Urban planning

The applicant, who must be a COAC member, should fill the application form and submit it, together with the required documents, before April 17th, 2015 at 1pm.

All the applications will be evaluated by the COAC Board, which will announce the results by June 2015.

· Competition rules
 Application form