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RE-Inhabit contexts

RE-Inhabit contexts

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Re-Inhabit contexts encompasses the exercise of sensitivity, rigor and common sense of the architecture that we are interested in exploring.

We understand the context as the order or specific arrangement of those historical, cultural, and material elements that are interwoven with the way of being, of living, of coexisting, of building. This order or specific arrangement builds the common thread from which each of our architectural interventions is born.

In this talk we will focus on 4 projects that work on cultural heritage in different contexts and that have the spirit of recovering it in order to enrich the urban and collective life of different cities. Hence the search to Re-inhabit contexts.

Mendoza Partida is an international architecture firm based in Barcelona, ​​the result of the symbiosis and connection between Héctor Mendoza and Mara Partida. Two professionals whose unique sensitivity to understand and interpret multiple contexts and situations, together with a constant search for new ways of doing things, support their projects. A studio whose area of ​​activity is mainly framed in the design of cultural facilities and housing, areas in which its solutions, in addition to achieving perfect coordination, provide special well-being.

Mendoza Partida, through experimentation, research and innovative solutions based on common sense and congruence, provides its architecture with a precise balance between geometry, matter and emotion.


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