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Exhibition: 'Designing Resiliencie in Asia 2015'

© National University of Singapore
The 'Designing Resiliencie in Asia 2015' exhibition will be opening in the Picasso Room on March 14.

The Designing Resilience in Asia Programme (DRIA), organized by the Department of Architecture of the National University of Singapore, was initiated with the aim to promote and foster a substantive discussion about innovative ideas and propositions related to the resiliency of Asian cities in light of the region’s environmental vulnerability and the exponential growth of its cities.

The unique platform of the DRIA International Symposium and Design Competition brings together 10 prominent universities from Asia, Australia, Europe and North America to promote innovation and to analyze and collaborate on creative solutions to help improve recovery efforts after global natural disasters.

This exhibition shows the 2015 DRIA Competition results, highlighting the role of urban design, architecture and building technologies in enhancing Asian cities' resiliency to natural disaster situations.

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