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'Seating Structures' exhibition

© Soldevila, Soldevila, Soldevila Arquitectes
The 'Seating Structures' exhibition by Soldevila, Soldevila, Soldevila Arquitectes will be opening in the Picasso Room on 21 January. Oscar Tusquets will introduce the show at 7 pm.

The exhibition presents twenty chair prototypes, based on very simple structures, which can support the weight of one person and which, at the same time, contribute a responsive design to any area in which they are positioned. Constructive minimization and maximum simplification in the joinery, with the possibility to add further elements or accessories. The aim of the exhibition is not only to look and observe but to stimulate the user into imagining new possibilities.

The show will be open until 4 February 2016.

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Watch opening lecture by Oscar Tusquets:

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