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The COAC exhibits the selected projects for the new Camp Nou and Palau Blaugrana

FC Barcelona
From Wednesday 11 May you can visit the exhibition of the entries for the tender for the new Camp Nou and new Palau Blaugrana, which will be at the Architects’ Association of Catalonia until Thursday 2 June.

The aim of the exhibition, organized jointly with FC Barcelona, is to reveal the projects of all the finalists. Therefore the exhibition is set up over three spaces:

At the arquitectes.cat space in Plaça Nova you can see the work of the winning teams, Pascual-Ausió Arquitectes + Nikken Sekkei and TAC Arquitectes + HOK, with their respective models. The other finalists' projects will have their own space in the Mezzanine with their models and images on display. For those seeking more in-depth knowledge of the work of these teams, the Picasso Room will display more details of the approach to the projects with plans, documents, images, etc.

The exhibition opens on Tuesday, 10 May, at 7 pm in the presence of the Dean of the COAC, Lluís Comerón; the President of Barcelona FC, Josep Maria Bartomeu; and the architectural teams of the finalists.

Running parallel to the exhibition, a series of seminars are scheduled for the Auditorium of the COAC at which the teams of finalists will explain the projects presented in more detail.

New Camp Nou finalists
B720 Arquitectes + AECOM
BAAS Arquitectes + IDOM + BIG
Batlle i Roig Arquitectes + HKS + COX
Mateo Arquitectura + AFL
Mias Arquitectes + RCR Arquitectes + POPULOUS
Pascual-Ausió Arquitectes + Nikken Sekkei
Ricardo Bofill Taller d’Arquitectura + Arup Sport

New Palau Blaugrana finalists:
Alonso Balaguer Riera Arquitectes + Wilkinson Eyre Architects
BCQ Arquitectes + Make
Francisco Mangado Arquitectos + Bach Arquitectes + R. Sanabria Arquitectes + I. Aparicio
GCA Arquitectes + GMP
Massip-Bosch Arquitectes + Pattern Architects
TAC Arquitectes + HOK

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