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Catalan Book Week at the COAC

© Col·legi d'Arquitectes de Catalunya (COAC)

Today, Friday 5 September, marks the opening of the thirty-first edition of Catalan Book Week on the avenue in front of the Cathedral of Barcelona. Up until Sunday 15 September, a total of 75 exhibitors will be gathering to form part of a programme that includes almost 250 activities, some of which are taking place in Plaça Nova and at the COAC headquarters, where the mezzanine level has been set up as the ‘Agora Venue’.

On Monday 9 September, at 6 pm, this venue will be hosting a talk on 100 years of the architects Bonet, Coderch, Moragas and Pratmarsó, organized by the COAC and the Jordi Capell Cooperative with the participation of Joan Roig, Josep M. Montaner, Josep M. Rovira and Pilar de la Villa.

On Friday 15 September, at 6.45 pm, the presentation of Revistes d’Arquitectura will take place in the ‘Plaça de la Paraula’ with the participation of architects and members of the editorial teams of the publications Aproximacions, Diagonal and Quaderns

During the course of the week, the mezzanine in the Plaça Nova building will also be hosting the exhibition ‘Traços d’Història’ [Traces of History], a journey through the works of Oriol Garcia Quera, a draughtsman who has recorded different stages in the history of Catalonia in his comics. His work covers episodes ranging from the first monarch, Wilfred the Hairy, and the origin of the Catalan nation, through to the disastrous defeat of 1714. His albums are a blend of historical rigour and fiction.
The Catalan Book Week is offering a discount of 5% on the purchase of books from any of the exhibition stands to all members of the COAC.