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'Atlas of Political Clichés', the new issue of Quaderns, available for St George's Day

© Col·legi d'Arquitectes de Catalunya (COAC)
A new issue of the journal Quaderns d'Arquitectura i Urbanisme will be available for Sant Jordi (St George's Day) this year. It is a double issue (266-267) which, under the heading 'Atles de clixés polítics' [Atlas of Political Clichés], explores some of the topics raised in the previous issue, 'Casa i contradicció' [House and Contradiction].

'Atlas of Political Clichés' analyses the relationship between politics and public spaces and reflects on issues such as: what role should architects play in the new determination for regeneration that affects both architecture and public space? What are the limits—political, factual and legal—of architecture and how can the rules of the game be redefined? What is architecture’s true political capacity?

This new issue has been published with the collaboration of anthropologist and journalist Nuria Alabao, architect and professor at the London School of Architecture Pier Vittorio Aureli, artist David Bestué, architect and CEO of Barcelona Regional Josep Bohigas, architect and professor at Yale University Craig Bucley, architect and urban planner Joan Busquets, architect and professor Matilde Cassani, industrial designer Curro Claret, architect specializing in public participation processes Nuria Colomé, architectural historian Beatriz Colomina, architect and member of LaCol Cristina Gamboa, architect Ignacio González Galán, professor of Aesthetics and Art History at New York University Boris Groys, art critic and writer Owen Hatherley, architect and historian Evangelos Kotsioris, editor and curator Moritz Küng, architect and urban planner David Martínez, specialist in new community economies Rubén Martínez, architect Anna-Maria Meister, architect and professor at the UPC Zaida Muxí, architect Marina Otero, artist Ugo La Pietra, architect Dafne Saldaña, architect and professor Manel Sangenís, sociologist and professor at Columbia University Saskia Sassen, architect and researcher Malkit Shoshan, architecture researcher and professor Pelin Tan and editor Oriol Vilanova.

To get the new issue, send an email to Cooperativa Jordi Capell