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The COAC’s Historical Archive loans photos by Català-Roca for an exhibition on Miró in Paris

© Fons Català-Roca. Estudi del pintor Joan Miró

The Grand Palais in Paris is holding the biggest retrospective on the Catalan artist Joan Miró since 1974, entitled simply 'Miró'. In addition to the 150 paintings sourced from all over the world that chart the painter’s evolution—from Cubism to Surrealism—there will be a number of photographs featuring Miró taken by his unconditional friend, the photographer Francesc Català-Roca

The COAC’s Historical Archive has loaned several photographs from its Català-Roca collection to illustrate the Catalan artist’s work, which will be on show at the exhibition as well as featured in various publications associated with it.

The exhibition will feature a large display panel of 280 x 350 cm, plus three smaller ones, portraying Miró in the studio that the architect Josep Lluís Sert designed for him, as well as other photos. There will also be 20 photos by Català-Roca in the exhibition catalogue and a smaller selection in another four publications associated with the exhibition: L’Album, Dictionnaire Miró, Collection Cartels and Livre Jeunesse.

The COAC’s Archive has also loaned 20 images and various 4-5 minute clips from films by Català-Roca for the documentary Joan Miró, le feu intérieur (Joan Miró, The inner fire), co-produced by TV3, which will be screened several times between October and January. The film can also be purchased as a DVD and is planned to be broadcast on French television in the coming months.

Having met in 1953, Miró and Català-Roca maintained a close friendship for 30 years, during which the painter allowed the photographer to record some intimate moments from his life.

The exhibition will be on show at the Grand Palais in Paris until 4 February 2019.