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20 years of Vertical Workshop

The '20 years of Vertical Workshop' exhibition will be opening in the Altell on June 13.

Since it was founded in 1997, the Vertical Workshop has been for UIC Barcelona School of Architecture ​​one of its spirit most important and identifying event.

The Vertical Workshop is a transversal workshop that takes place every first week of the course and through which all the students of the school are integrated in different teams, led by architects of recognized prestige. They work on a topic proposed in each edition by the workshop's director team with the purpose of reflecting through a concrete project that particular topic.

Datascape, Energy, Human Catastrophies, Water, Emotional City, Games, Essential Architectures, Urban Making, Acció al Carrer or Exhibition Spaces, are some of the titles of the previous editions of the Vertical Workshop, all of them committed to current events and social and political global phenomena.



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