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  • Urban routes: Arquitectours

    The aim of Architecture Week is to give people a closer insight into quality architecture and urban planning. For this reason, a series of guided tours have been organised that reveal unexpected or unexplained aspects of the urban physiognomy.

    Regional branch: Barcelona
    Since: Sat, 20 May - Until: Wed, 24 May

  • Exhibition of the finalists in the new Vall d'Hebron bulding competition

    As part of Architecture Week 2017, the Architects’ Association of Catalonia will be holding an exhibition of the finalists for the new Vall d’Hebron building, as from 19 May

    Regional branch: Barcelona
    Since: Fri, 19 May - Until: Sun, 28 May

  • Pop Up Green

    On September 28th, a rug of small plants will cover part of Plaça Nova in Barcelona, in front of the Architects’ Association of Catalonia, to give the starting signal for the 9th International Biennial of Landscape.

    Regional branch: Barcelona
    Day: Wed, 28 September 7.30 pm

  • The COAC exhibits the selected projects for the new Camp Nou and Palau Blaugrana

    From Wednesday 11 May you can visit the exhibition of the entries for the tender for the new Camp Nou and new Palau Blaugrana, which will be at the Architects’ Association of Catalonia until Thursday 2 June.The aim of the exhibition, organized jointly with FC Barcelona, is to reveal the projects of all the finalists. Therefore the exhibition is set up over three spaces:

    Regional branch: Barcelona
    Since: Tue, 10 May - Until: Thu, 02 June

  • Presentation of the project to represent Catalonia at the Venice Biennale

    On Monday, 9 May, at 7 pm in the Auditorium of the COAC there will be a presentation of the project ’Aftermath_Architecture beyond architects’, which will represent Catalonia at this year's La Biennale di Venezia.

    Regional branch: Barcelona
    Day: Mon, 09 May 19 h

  • Exhibition: 'Designing Resiliencie in Asia 2015'

    The 'Designing Resiliencie in Asia 2015' exhibition will be opening in the Picasso Room on March 14.

    Regional branch: Barcelona
    Since: Mon, 14 March - Until: Sat, 02 April

  • Touring exhibition of the 9th Alejandro de la Sota Biennial

    The exhibition of the 9th ALEJANDRO DE LA SOTA BIENNIAL, which was available to visit at the COAC’s Tarragona branch office up to mid-August 2015, is beginning a tour of various towns and cities of the El Camp de Tarragona region.

    Regional branch: Tarragona
    Day: Thu, 03 March Check opening times (+34 977 83 10 23)

  • Lecture by Pereda Pérez Arquitectos

    On 18 February at 7.30 pm, the studio Pereda Pérez Arquitectos will be giving a lecture at the Tarragona branch office of the Architects’ Association to speak to us about their most recent architectural work. Download the invitation

    Regional branch: Tarragona
    Day: Thu, 18 February 7.30 pm

  • 'Seating Structures' exhibition

    The 'Seating Structures' exhibition by Soldevila, Soldevila, Soldevila Arquitectes will be opening in the Picasso Room on 21 January. Oscar Tusquets will introduce the show at 7 pm.

    Regional branch: Barcelona
    Since: Thu, 21 January - Until: Thu, 04 February